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Adexchanger had this great article about how the popular website, Penny Hoarder, made almost US$21 million in 2016, all through successful affiliate marketing.

Yes, affiliate marketing success happened.

Amazing, huh?

You know, that business where an affiliate hooks up people with businesses, and can get paid based on sales made or actions performed. It’s that same business that so many traditional people warn you not to get involved in because “It’s all a scam”, or “It’s not a real business”… or in the case of the multi level varieties, “It’s a pyramid.”

$21 million in one year for one affiliate. That’s some affiliate marketing success story.

Granted, Penny Hoarder is a multi person business itself and not someone plugging affiliate marketing offers from their computer or phone, but it’s the same process.

Even if you could get a fraction of that amount of affiliate marketing success, you’d be set for life.

The money is out there, and people are spending it, so no excuses, m’kay?

There’s so many affiliate opportunities out there, some paid and many not. Just learn the business. Of course it’s huge and you could go on learning for years, but you can still find the affiliate marketing success that you yearn for as you journey.

The thing that I want to get across to everyone in this space is that without adequate online traffic bringing new people to your affiliate offers, there won’t be any affiliate marketing success to speak of.

New affiliates and online business entrepreneurs need to learn how to get traffic (people) to their offers in order to make them convert and turn a profit.

This is THE most important thing.




Learn about generating traffic to your businesses so that you too can get your slice of the affiliate marketing success pie, before someone else eats your lunch.

Affiliate marketing success stories don’t have to be reserved for the large entities or the big gurus. Regular people are elbowing into this space and turning profit with nothing more than a blog and a Facebook account. They join a multitude of affiliate offers and learn how to drive online traffic to those offers. They do it via blogs, Facebook fan pages, lead capture pages, and email autoresponder followup campaigns.

They utilize the multitude of traffic courses that I outline on my traffic page.

They even use the traffic sources as extra affiliate income streams.

YES, people are doing this and you can too, once you learn the basics and get the minimum tool set to start the right way.

The good news is it’s ALL right here, a one stop shop.

Yo won’t have to spend years searching and bouncing from this to that program and gaining hard fought and won knowledge with the losses to match.

Oh, the tax deductions!

By the way, you CAN deduct many of these costs from your yearly tax bill, so look into that.

Are you ready to match up affiliate offers with traffic into an overall affiliate marketing success plan that can’t fail?

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If you are conducting ANY sort of business in network marketing or hoping to connect with customers or potential team members online, then you NEED a MARKETING SYSTEM that WORKS. You need the ability to create stunning lead capture pages, follow up in an automated fashion with leads, and be able to contact people as well as create killer sales funnels with the ability to share them with your team for purposes of duplicating and growing your business and your team.

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